The Legend of Cornbread

Ask any friend or stranger where graffiti and hip hop culture began and you will most likely receive a confident and knowing answer—"New York, of course!” However, Darryl “Cornbread” McCray wants you to know, “It started somewhere. It didn’t start in New York, that’s for sure.” Now in his late 60s, McCray conveys an urgency in his tone and message. He tells me, “I want the world to know that I gave birth to both hip hop and graffiti.” Bold and daring claims no doubt, but for McCray, it is vitally important that his story is told so that “this generation and that generations to come know the origins of how hip hop culture took shape.” He says plainly, “It...

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Warhol, Haring, Basquiat.............McFly??? In less than a month, visual artist and musician, Sheefy McFly will make his Los Angeles debut in an exhibit plainly titled, “Sheefy: 3 weeks in LA.” When I pressed Sheefy to ask him if he would like to name it something a little catchier, he said, “Why not call it like it is?” And indeed, Sheefy is right, his work speaks for itself. A Detroit native, Sheefy’s visual art no doubts pays homage to pop art gods such Warhol and Haring, and absolutely finds inspiration in the work of master surrealists such as Dali, and Picasso, but the result is something positively original and deeply relevant. While Sheefy formally studied art in collage and post-graduate school,...

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