DOT, an American-born artist raised in New York and Chicago, has quickly gained momentum with his hand-generated, visual interference style and connection to the 20th-century abstract expressionists as well as the optical art movement. Through the use of repeating geometric patterns, enhanced by different color theories, a hallucinatory visual field is created which forces the viewer's perception to be pushed into a moment of visual confusion. He explains that according to theories in neuroplasticity, these shifts of perception are catalysts that have the potential to rewire neural pathways and can affect the thinking and behavior of the viewer. DOT states, “For me, these linear expressions tend to end at the same question: Where is the point between what we see and reality?” 

A self-taught artist, DOT leans into his own instincts to develop his artistic explorations. His break-out mural project with The B_Line landed him a mural residency at the TimeOut Market in Chicago. Since then, DOT has produced work at the University of Illinois, exhibited at the Bruce Lurie Gallery in Los Angeles, and created numerous commissioned studio works and murals.