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Mixed with all original 45s !

See Track List below 

All Original 45s from the DJ Organixx record collection

Track List:

1) Exit –The Little Green Monster (Dal-Tex)
2) The Sentiments-She won’t be gone long (Transistor Sound)

3) The Mandells -Think Back (Trans World Sound)

4) Jason Joshua & The Beholders- Rosegold (Mango Hill)

5) Jonny Benavidez & Cold Diamond & Mink -Tell me that.. (Stylart)

6) Freedom Machine- Stop doubting my love (Alarm)

7) Iron Knowledge – Oh Love (Tammy)

8) Veda- You can love again (MW Records)

9) El Vans Road Ltd- Can I (Cherry Blossom Records Inc)

10) The Johnson Brothers- When I was a boy (Smoke House)

11) The Notations- What more can I say (C.R.A)

12) Jimmy Dockett- My dreams come true (Flo-Feel)

13) The Group -Spinning around (Avalanche)

14) The Expos -Your best friend an me (Stall Records)

15) Ice-Cold-Love- Sheer Magic (Tammy)

16) Hands of Time -This love for real (Inner City Records)

17) Bull & The El Capalaras- No sign of sadness (Bell)

18) East of Underground- I love You (Ocean of Tears)

19) Talisman -Shady side of town (Head Hunters)

20) Ferris Fitzgerald- Got to find my baby (Impact)